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You learn fast because you receive your lessons slowly and methodically as I break down the blues.

You learn exactly where to put your fingers for each lesson.

The easy to understand graphics allow you to grasp each concept and you receive a workbook to reinforce these concepts.

Teaching Guitar is What I Do.

I am not some name guitar player, who between gigs, tours or studio dates decided to put together a "Slam-Bam-Thank-You-Mam I'm Off To My Next Gig" DVD.

I support you until they have mastered the lessons on the your DVD and bonus materials.

Further bonuses help solidify the lessons provided.

And I am always accessible for questions.


Thank you for letting me Beta test your Ultimate Blues Primer DVD.

"I always wanted to play the blues but didn't know where to start.

"I may be preaching to the choir, Andrew, but you are an amazing teacher and the Ultimate Blues Primer is a must have for anyone interested in the blues.

The beginning ofthe DVD gives a great basis for improving.

The middle part where Jerry Cortez breaks down his solo is priceless. His unique approach will leave me with tons of ideas I can now work in to my own solos!

Yes that is right I am now soloing!

The last part of the tape with an actual band to jam with is awesome. It gives me the courage to find friends to play with and take solos!

I used to only strum along not really sure of what I was doing.

Now I am jamming!

Once again you have way over delivered!"

Horton McPhee - Danville, North Carolina

P.S. I have both the Amazing Guitar DVD and Ultimate Fretboard DVD and they have really helped me! Thanks again.

My first DVD "The Amazing Guitar DVD" has been a fantasatic success. But not with a lot of support from me.

I am contiually finding ways to over-deliver. Free newsletter, free lessons, interviews with professional guitarist and information on equipment all further guarantee the success of members of the Amazing Guitar community.


Yes, Andrew! Please rush me my copy of The Ultimate Blues Primer DVD course so I can start to improve my guitar playing today!

I understand that I will receive 1 DVD with 1 hour of instruction that will be shipped immediately to me.

I understand that I also get 6 more Bonuses including:
The Ultimate Blues Primer workbook
This easy to follow workbook will guide me through the DVD and provide additional blues tips and tricks.

I understand that these Bonuses are mine to keep even if I decide to return the course:
    1. The Ultimate Primer Workbook
    2. 10 Blues Solos in Tablature
    3. Free issue of Blues Highway.
    4. 24 Blues Backing Tracks.
    5. Shipping is included!
I understand that there is absolutely no way I can lose with your
30 Day, unconditional, still friends, 100% satisfaction guarantee -- which means I can return the course for up to 1 month for a full refund of the purchase price and can continue to receive your newsletter!

I understand that 4 of my 5 extra bonuses will be emailed to me. Then I can immediately download and get started!

I also understand that I will receive 5 daily lessons to keep me progressing and that if I have any questions I can email you at: and receive an answer with in 24 hours.

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