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Learn Guitar scales and guitar chords.

The Ultimate Fretboard CAGED Guitar Scale DVD
is revolutionizing the way people practice guitar.
Geometric Improvement is the rule not the exception. -Guitar Vision

guitar scale
CALL: (866) 513-1074

"I definitely believe in your Karate Kid comparison to this guitar scale DVD. I feel that I have way better control of my guitar. Warm- ups are way shorter. It helped me clean up my notes, chords, and scales. My speed increased with the accuracy. I know how to learn a new scale properly. I'm extremely satisfied! The Ultimate Guide and guitar scale DVD of the fret board explained the little pieces that were missing for me. Now that you've taught me these, I can work on my solos better. Thanks very much, Andrew!!! Keep on Rockin"
Warren Aller
Shreveport, LA

"HI Andrew: Wow! It's amazing how much my guitar playing has improved! It seems unreal that just exercising and improving my manual dexterity has given me accuracy, speed, and most of all, confidence! , Andrew. It really works!"
Bob Brandon
Bakersfield, CA

"Andrew, Hi, I just want to say thanks for an inexpensive way to better my ability to learn new things. By having a different and effective way of learning new scales and riffs. Also my picking has improved and will continue improve with the exercises I have learned with your guitar scale DVD. In summation THANK YOU very much. Sincerely".
Jesus A. Barragan
Los Angeles, CA

" The Ultimate Fretboard Guide & Amazing Guitar DVD are truly wonderful. My instructor gave us a blues scale to learn after our last lesson. I set down last night and using the method you demonstrate on your CAGED guitar scale DVD I had it down in about twenty minutes. Backwards and forwards. I have a much better grasp of the fretboard now. I understand tons more now than I did before I ordered your course. Thanks!"
Tom Willis, TX

Andrew, Thanks for all your work. It has greatly improved my guitar playing.
Mark A. Knabe
Hudson, Ohio

"I am really touched by your after sales care and friendliness"
Peter, U.K.

"I feel that the Course offered has been of great benefit and am enjoying the progress I am making. My progress is MUCH faster than my progress was before starting the course. I would recommend the course to any other guitar player. "
Jack DeWitt
Pinehurst, SC

"I have improved my playing with your program. I have learned a new way of mastering the scales and that alone has been worth the money I spent with you. The guitar scale DVD was easy to follow and I had no problem with it. Overall you have a good program and I am happy with it. Thanks
Steven Pinkley
Wooster Ohio

Your guitar scale DVD was awesome! After going through the CAGED exercises for 7 days, and then actually jamming, playing along to the same song lists I've been playing, it truly is amazing to see the difference in my playing ability! Now I see so much more potential in my ability to play the guitar and experiment, so that playing becomes more fun than ever! Your emails and personal attention kept me going through each day. The one area I ran into trouble was with playing the major scale in 3rds, and after a quick email to you, and just one more day of sounding out the notes, I had it down. That was a good feeling to know I could email with any question. As far as the Ultimate Fretboard Guide . . . I had little musical understanding, or music theory training. I personally enjoyed the easy-to-understand manner that the Ultimate Fretboard guitar scale DVD was presented to me. Also, I would recommend this guitar scale DVD to anyone who wants to see just how good they might become at playing. Especially those who find themselves stuck in a rut, going through the same and not progressing. I've already got my brother looking into it! Thanks for everything,
Matt McClain

Hi Andrew, The guitar scale DVD was very easy to follow The exercises made dramatic improvements in my flexibility and speed as well as overall tone quality The e-mails were motivating, especially the ones that indicated I would be bored or be getting tired of the practice. What used to take me 30 minutes or more to warm up enough to play marginally, now takes 5 to 10 minutes and I play it better than ever. I benefited from the guitar scale DVD. I have already recommended it to my friends and my teacher. He noticed vast improvement in my abilities. Thanks again, Mark Ashmon
Grand Junction, CO

I am a beginner and have taken lessons for about 10 weeks now. I can honestly say I've learned more in a week with your guitar scale DVD than I have during my 10 hour long lessons. It is clear, concise and to the point. My playing improves daily thanks to you and your system." Bill Roof

I just started my first lesson today and I can't believe how much of a difference just those first few simple stretches and exercises made. All of the solos that I thought were difficult now seem much easier now that I am picking up and down much more consistently. I can't wait for tomorrows lesson. I am going to recommend your CAGED guitar scale DVD to all of my friends who are having difficulty playing.
Jason Beach
Dayton, OH

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guitar scale


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Dear Fellow Picker,

Do you wish you had complete control over the Neck of your Guitar? Without Hours and Hours of tedious practice?

My name is Andrew Koblick and I have been playing guitar and performing for 25 years.

Do you feel like a Rat in a Maze? Hoping to find the notes for that HOT SOLO?
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"After years of learning bits and pieces that never seemed to fit together I now have a system to find any chord or scale immediately. No matter what key I'm playing in. My friends can't believe the ease with which I play now. I only wish The Ultimate Fretboard guitar scale DVD was available when I was first learning. Thanks" -Phillip Longhourst - Lexington, KY

Finally a simple Easy to use book and CAGED guitar chord scale DVD that shows exactly where everything is. Even a beginner like me can understand and benefit. I was even able to play lead for the first time!" -Carla O'Brien - Trenton, NJ

"In one weekend I was able to work through your book and guitar scale DVD. You have organized everything beautifully." -Pete Canfield - Walawala, WA

The Ultimate (Easy) Fretboard Guide and Guitar Scale DVD

Before I go any further I want share a little story:

"I was recently giving a guitar lesson to a new student. My new student had many lessons from other teachers but complained "All I want is Some simple scales that give my fingers a pattern to follow so I can go onto creating leads for my own style." well after I showed him my simple easy to use formula he could play the three songs he wanted to learn and could Improvise a solo without getting lost. "Man, you should write a book and make a guitar scale DVD" he exclaimed.

That got me thinking. I looked around at music stores to see if anyone had put these simple easy to use formulas into an easy to read book and easy to follow guitar scale DVD. To my amazement I could not find a single book or guitar scale DVD that contained this "Not Rocket Science" Formula. I knew what I had to do. Write an easy to understand book and make an accompanying guitar scale DVD that laid out the entire fretboard. The other two goals I had in mind were: It can't cost alot of money or take a brain surgeon to figure out.

Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar, Rock, Blues, Jazz

Are you Frustrated by Slow Progress?

For years guitar players have come to me and asked

How can I make sense of the fretboard?

They just don't have the framework. They practice, some even 3-4 hours a day, but they see very little improvement.

The trouble is "They Can't See the Forest for the Trees"

Music students have toiled for centuries trying to learn music and master thier instruments. Unfortunately they have always been taught the same way. Note by Note. No one ever shows them how it all fits together. They just don't see the forest for the trees.

Now you have a road map for Guitar Success. Now each tree is clearly marked so you can easily find your way through the musical forest.

Nothing is more Fun than Feeling


Real Results

"I now buy copies for all of my students"

"I've been teaching for 30+ years and NEVER had anyone explain the Guitar in such an easy way to understand. The theory is easy to follow and the graphics make learning simple. I now buy copies for all of my students. Now my students can learn what they WANT to learn instead of what they NEED to learn.

I can also see great potential for increased understanding and speed. Your book and guitar scale DVD has made my job a lot easier. Your daily email of encouragement is also a great incentive and I have worked those into curriculum. Combined with your guitar scale DVD The Amazing Guitar Plan you have a winning program that can really improve every guitarist at any level....I would recommend both of the products to teachers and students alike.
Again, thanks for the outstanding instruction!"
-Kevin Shields - Pepsacola, FL.

When I was a teenager I had the time to practice. I did the usual exercises for hours at a time. But my improvement was very slow and often it was very frustrating. It wasn't until I learned this simple Powerful Formula that my playing really took off!

**Now This is Important So Please Listen closely**

You are about to be introduced to the
That will guide you to Complete Fretboard Mastery

Welcome to The Ultimate Fretboard DVD

A Time Tested Proven Method.

"This System delivers stunning results."


Guitar tabs The 5 Major Chord Forms

Guitar tabs The 5 Major Scale Forms

Guitar tabs How Scales and Chords Work Together

Guitar tabs How to Link the Scales and Chords To Cover the Entire Fretboard.

Guitar tabs What Modes Are.

Guitar tabs The Dorian Mode.

Guitar tabs The Phrygian Mode.

Guitar tabs The Lydian Mode.

Guitar tabs The Mixolydian Mode.

Guitar tabs The Locrian Mode.

Guitar tabs Over 35 Different Scale Patterns

You can pay a guitar teacher HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Dollars and still you may not learn these secrets.

Now I don't know you, so I can't say you will become the next Stevey Ray Vaughn, Clapton, Segovia or whoever your favorite guitar player is but I will guarantee that you will improve quicker than you ever have before.

Whether you are just beginning to learn scales or have been performing for 20 years, this quick learning book and guitar scale DVD will save you tons of time practicing.


You can watch this guitar scale DVD in less than a couple of hours and
be applying this proven system the SAME DAY

If you are not totally satisfied and have not improved more than ever
after reading this book and watching the guitar scale DVD

I will REFUND your small investment


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Are you willing to make a small investment in your guitar playing? To Save hours of Frustration?
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Keep scratching away slowly improving wasting hours of practice.


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Because of my Personal Dedication to your Success. I can only guarantee 50 people my guidance. I know I could sell tons of this great book and guitar scale DVD package all at once but I want to make sure each and everyone who orders achieves maximum success.

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The book you will find in every
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  • This program is NOT for:
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  • 2) Children younger than 9 years old.
  • 3) Guitar players who want to struggle to unlock the Secrets of the Guitar.

  • This program IS for:
  • 1) Guitar players who want to play awesome lead guitar.
  • 2) Guitar players who want to truly understand the fretboard.
  • 3) Guitar teachers who want students to dramatically improve.
Teachers contact me about student discounts

I will refund your entire investment
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I will be your success coach for 7 days. Imagine what you would pay if you went to a guitar lesson and paid your teacher every day.
"Your daily personal guidance made this system a success for me. Thank you" -Mark Timmer - Boston, MA

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The Ultimate Fretboard Guide & guitar scale DVD

5 Easy Steps to Guitar Success



I promise you this course will raise your playing to the next level.

Keep on pickin,


Andrew Koblick



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