Attention: Beginning, Intermediate and Struggling Guitarists...

Todd Butler Takes You From A Raw Recruit
To A Seasoned Flat Picking Expert
As Quickly As Humanly Possible!

Todd Butler is a seasoned TV and radio performer as well as a prolific recording artist and professional teacher, and we were lucky enough to sit him down between tours and get him to show you the whole program for Flatpicking Guitar: From Beginner to Advanced.

Even if you're an absolute novice, you'll be able to start right in with this lesson series because Todd starts at the very beginning - and goes crazy from there!

Todd takes you through a series of slow, easy lessons...
...from this: this!

With this course, you get:

Easy To Understand Basics For A Solid Flat Picking Foundation
How To Get Your Left Hand In Shape For Playing Clean as Country Water
How To Use A "Flat Picker's" Scale All Over The Fretboard
How To Play Tasty Licks With Chromatics
A Beginner's Guide To Hot Bluegrass Licks
How To Play A Variety Of Cool Flatpicking Licks
Expand Your Range With Dynamic New Chord Positions
Learn To Play Songs From Beginner's All The Way To Advanced
A Little Known Flat Picker's Secret To Playing Hotter Licks
Finger Mechanics - How To Do It The Right Way From The Get-Go
Learn Songs That Are A Riot to Play And Will Increase Your Speed!
Learn Lots Of New Licks And Ideas From A Different Key Perspective
How To Use Cross-Picking For Smokin' Hot Solos
How To Double And Even Triple Your Flat Picking Speed
How To Use Creative Variations In The Same Song

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