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Great Rock Solos

How would you like to play some of rock's greatest guitar solos exactly the way they are on the album? Devo Carillo breaks them down for you note for note AND backs it up with a complete set of tabs.

Ultimate Blues Primer

This intro to the blues give you all the basics, shows you how to play some very cool solos and then you can work it out with a live band on stage - everything but a lead guitar player.

Flatpicking - Beginner to Advanced

Renowned Canadian performer Todd Butler takes you through the entire process of flatpicking the guitar. From the most basic scales and arpeggios right down the road to hot pickin' phrases - all backed up by teaching you famous songs that give you a chance to show off what you have learned.

Ultimate Fretboard

This DVD will show you the secrets the PROs use to learn any SCALE or arpeggio quickly, learn any CHORD quickly, and how to play ALL modes of the major scale. In a very short period of time you will be able to play in different forms in different keys ANYWHERE on the fretboard.

Project X

This is a complete examination of the CAGED method which allows you to play in modes in any key anywhere on the fretboard. This is a HUGE program of study supported by charts, backing tracks, printed materials and bonus videos which will teach you to be a pro-quality soloist - if you can get through it all!

Amazing Guitar 2.0

18 Power packed video lessons guaranteed to skyrocket your guitar playing - backed up with a complete workbook to speed up the process.